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How to Keep Bandages on a Dog

The Curragh Veterinary Supplies range provides premium quality bandages and dressings for your pet. Keeping even the highest quality companion animal bandages in place is always a challenge. Dirt, wet, movement, licking and chewing….especially licking and chewing… provide stern tests for the best bandages and bandaging techniques. Improve the chances of your bandage staying in place by following the practical guidelines below. To really stack the odds in your favour …Read More

How to wrap a horse’s legs

Learn how to wrap a horse’s legs and the reasons why you should: The Curragh Veterinary Supplies range meets all your day to day bandaging requirements.The unsurpassed quality and safety of all our bandages and dressings ensures secure, safe and effective bandaging of your animal every time.Our products can be used on their own and in combination with specialised or medicated dressings which your vet may recommend.For optimal bandaging technique, …Read More